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Pump Paintball Guns

Our website helps you find the right pump paintball guns for you. There are quite a few to choose from, so finding the right fit is important for your game.

Pump paintball guns are a unique type of marker that a lot of players like to use. They typically use either CO2 or N2 as a means of propelling paintballs, however certain guns have been created that run on propane. Pump paintball guns are often used by beginning players, as they tend to have a lower cost associated with them. In addition to the cost of the gun itself, players save on the cost of paintballs and compressed air because they do not fire as many shots compared to automatic and semi-automatic paintball guns.

A lot of players like to use pump paintball guns when they are first learning how to play the game so that they can focus on their mechanics and basic skills. It is important for paintball players to learn accuracy and proper bunker movement in order to be a dominant force on the field. By using a pump paintball gun, they can play quite a few rounds without having to buy more paint and air.

The Tippmann C3 pump paintball gun is the first ever paintball gun designed to run off of propane. Unlike traditional compressed air, this allows the gun to achieve roughly 50,000 shots using only a sixteen ounce tank. Additionally, they come in at a relatively low price compared to many other paintball guns, making them a very cost efficient way to play paintball.

The Azodin Kaos pump paintball gun is another type of marker that is currently on the market. It is a very customizable gun, as it is built with an autococker threaded barrel and an Ion threaded feedneck. This means that you can swap out various parts to make the gun unique and tailor it to your own personal preferences.

The CCI Phantom is yet another type of pump paintball gun that tends to be hot seller. It has a very simplistic design, so like the Kaos, it can be customized fairly easily. Additionally, it can be disassembled quickly, allowing players to easily clean and maintain it.

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